Recognising the Real Value of the Cloud as an Accelerator of Innovation

Exclusive C-Suite Boardroom

18th January 2023 (05:30 – 08:30 PM) Emirates Palace | Abu Dhabi

What is a C-Suite Boardroom?

It is an initiative by Datatechvibe in association with AWS.

An in-person boardroom edition designed to engage data and technology leaders who have transformed businesses using technology as a catalyst.

The meeting focuses on a group of carefully selected leaders, bringing them together to participate in an exclusive and closed-door session.

The selected professionals bring varied perspectives, experience and domain knowledge but have the shared vision of transforming businesses with technology.

The boardroom encourages frank discussions amongst peers leading to a better strategy roadmap for organisations.

In the age of building peer-exchange resources, these boardrooms form a community of like-minded business leaders to explore insights, ideas and best practices.

About this Edition

In the rapidly changing business environment, maintaining the status quo is no longer enough to beat the competition. Innovation sits at the core of company culture for successful organisations. Considering enterprises are focusing on accelerating digital transformation and solutions – the differentiating factor is less about access to technology and more about creatively using existing technologies to solve problems.

The cloud can now be seen as the new-age innovation catalyst, vital to infrastructure modernisation, increased agility, and competitive advantage that is future-ready. It has evolved into a strategic platform that organisations turn to for digital transformation, irrespective of the industry.

In the UAE’s growing technology ecosystem, now is the time to equip your organisation with the tools that will allow you to scale and innovate while maintaining a secure environment. Cloud innovation centres will level the playing field for everyone and enable organisations to collaborate, address challenges, test new ideas, and give access to technology expertise.

Are you ready to start innovating from within?


05:30 PM Welcome and Networking

06:30 PM Welcome Address by Datatechvibe

06:35 PM Opening Remarks by AWS

07:10 PM   The C-Suite leaders will be introduced by the moderator setting the tone for the boardroom

07:20 PM Talk Spot for AWS

07:40 PM Dinner and Networking

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