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Thought Leaders Breakfast Brief

7th June  2023 ( 8:30 am – 9:30 am )
Address Dubai Marina, UAE

What is a Thought Leaders Breakfast Brief?

It is an initiative by Datatechvibe in association with Zoho. 

An in-person boardroom edition specially designed to engage data and technology leaders who have transformed businesses using technology as a catalyst. 

The meeting focuses on a group of carefully selected leaders, bringing them together to participate in an exclusive and closed-door session.  

The selected professionals bring varied perspectives, experience and domain knowledge but have the shared vision of transforming businesses with technology. 

The boardroom encourages frank and open discussions among peers, resulting in an improved strategy roadmap for organisations. 

In the age of building peer-exchange resources, these boardrooms form a community of like-minded business leaders to explore insights, ideas and best practices. 

About this Edition

Companies that are able to effectively leverage data analytics have a significant advantage over their competitors. But building a culture of analytics within an organisation is not always straight-forward. This discussion will bring together business leaders to explore strategies towards  driving data-driven decision-making and building a culture of analytics within cross-functional teams of an organisation. 

One of the primary challenges that organisations face is developing a data-driven mindset among employees. This involves helping all members of the organisation understand how valuable data can be, get acquainted with the tools and norms to get the most from data, and putting governance policies in place to protect the integrity of data. The discussion will focus on best practices for communicating the importance of data at all levels of an organisation, from C-suite to front-line executives.

A critical aspect of building a culture of analytics is establishing clear goals and objectives. Without well-defined goals, it becomes difficult to know what metrics to track or what actions to take based on available data. The discussion will examine different approaches for setting goals that align with the overall business strategy, and how to measure progress towards those goals.


08:00 AM  Welcome & Networking

08:20 AM  Welcome Address by Datatechvibe

08:25 PM  Opening Remarks by Zoho

08:30 AM  Discussion Starts

09:20 AM  Outlook of the Leaders and Session Highlights

09:30 AM  End of discussion followed by Networking

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